Monday, February 21, 2005

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

Yay!! Back at Flodge. Away from mother at last and the nazi g-rent. Saturday was awesome, i met up with a girl off paceparty and she was everything i imagined and wished for!!! Shes sweet and sexy and dirtier minded than me sometimes. For anyone who knows me they will find that hard to believe. And had a great time with her in the afternoon despite having to get up at 4 in the morning to fly back to the UK - it had been snowing all week but not settling, so when did u think it decided to settle??? Uh huh - saturday moring as i was leaving. Not even enough time to make a bloody snowball!!!
Oh well its supposed to snow this week in Winchester - thatll be awesome. We had a freak blizzard thingy last year and lessons were pretty much cancelled all day coz nobody else showed up. I just got the attendance as well as the fun. There were some random people going down a hill out the front of college in a CANOE!!!! Where the fuck it came from seems to be a great mystery but is one of the random things that happens at college that makes it so great.


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