Thursday, February 10, 2005

Love sucks dont do it!!!!!

This is really depressive - so if ur in a mood dont keep reading. I fell in love with my girlfriend - now my ex - a little unusual i dont think, but hey. I pretty got dumped for it tho, and the relationship rumbled on a sclose friends coz we live in the same boarding house. It went wrong over christmas and ever since i havent been able to touch her, i offer her my love, friendship, a listening ear. She wants none of it. I make her feel "uncomfortable," the other night she blocked me on MSN for saying hey! I feel like im being blamed for how i feel, i feel so inadequate. I can and could never make her happy and live upto her ex. I cant blame her for how she feels - only for how shes treating me. The loss of the friendship is what hurts me the most - i cant live like this anymore. Sorry for being such a whinger, im just trying to get some finality on the situation as nothing else has worked.
But it has showed me who my real friends r: alex, roxy, eleri and jess especially. Thanx for being there guys.


Anonymous Megan said...

Hi Johnny,
It's Megan (Hudson), i was in Flodge last year, was sad reading your post - hope things are perhaps a little better now. Who was your girlfriend though - i had no idea u were going out with someone in the house.

How is life in the house these days. i must say there are times when i do miss it all - we had some good times. Damn it was a laugh, but having said that, ive done heaps since then - ive just come back from Oz after travelling alone for 4 and a half months, so its all pretty good!! Bloody scarey at times but fucking amazing.

Anyway, send my love onto everyone, i hope they are all well. and say hi to jennie sometime. I still think you're lovely!! Mwah xxx
Love and hugs Megan

2:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude dont worry, I SHALL break moffets legs of we ever play sevens!!! mwwwwwhahahahahaha! I carnt believe ppl think he can take me!!!!! i have things to prove now....on a mission!

4:38 PM


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