Thursday, February 17, 2005


Ok, ive been in germany since sunday, thought it would be great but ive hardly seen anyone, and had a disaster of a night out on tuesday. First plans changed so we didnt go to Alex's bar for half price cocktails - good news for my wallet and liver. We decided we dgo to the cinema on PRB - was supposed to be showing the forgotten - BUT IT WAS SHUT FO NO FUCKING REASON!!!! Lol. so iwent home and drank about half a bottle of vodka on my own to the despair of my parents. hehehehe. Grandad is here - great im now sleeping on the floor, and arguing about his racism. some of the things he says are awful. Like we should sent all immigrants back home - even if its a battle ground, just give em a gun he says. tit.
But im out in bielefeld tomorrow night, and then in guildford saturday. My god im gonna have one hell of a hangover on sunday for going back to flodge. But i cant wait ive been missing everyone. LET ME IN LET ME IN LET ME IN!!!!!!!!


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