Tuesday, February 22, 2005

err ok i think

Have you ever thought u were over someone?? I thought i was or at least over the worst of it, but i just cant get her out of my head. She will barely talk to me and tells me to go away like a servant or something. Welcome to the world of the subhuman. Its so hard to see why she wont even be my friend, thats all i want - well thats not strictly true but id be happier with it than how it is now.
But jess is great, for someone who ive only met once she makes such a huge difference to my day. Just a txt can bring me back to myself, i only wish we lived closer, then i would never have to write the depressing shit like above. Just want to be happy - is that too much to ask??? Now i have two people who can make me happy. Jess just does it, and caris could do it if she wanted to, but i dont know how to tell her how much it hurts me.
Another day another piece of crap. Speaking of which i handed my english coursework in today. Have no idea how it will go. I think its alright really but i seem to have artistic differences with my teacher. Oh well.


Blogger beaky said...

phew thought you were talking about our jess for a second! haha that would be so weird!!!

11:02 AM

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