Monday, January 31, 2005

Who invented bloddy detox????

OK, this is my third day of detox. ON saturday i had to serve fry ups for 3 hours in the canteen whilst only being able to drink water and fruit juice. Then, joy of joys, i was allowed to add fruit on sunday. Great could eat again but if i see another grape or banana im gonna kill somebody gruesomely with a sharpened mango. And today i was allowed raw vegetables. mmmmm. Cucumber and lettuce effectively, and half an onion in the salad which i still cant get off my breath. Oh well not like im gettng any anyway. lol. But tomorrow should be fun coz im allowed brown rice and cooked veg. Fantastic - stirfry it is then!!!!!! Ill tell u how it goes if i can stomach any of it - i cant wait for some real meat again. mmmmmmm ..... steak.


Blogger beaky said...

I've already told you, it's a waste of time!! Don't bother with your silly detox, just sit and stuff your fave with chocolate or something similar - it does me a lot of good! More good than a detox could anyway!! I think I'd waste away if I went on one! haha

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