Thursday, January 27, 2005


Hey!!! One of my friends in my boading house was 18 on Tuesday. The mission to get her hammered. Mission was successful with hilarious consequences. We had her saying she didnt like tequila (what a wierdo) then the next thing we know shes gone all funny coz shes had 4 of them!!!!!! This was shortly followed by the attempt to prepare a shot of absynth. For thos of you that dont know, you dip a spoon of brown sugar into the shot of absynth, set fire to the spoon and let the sugar caramelise, then you chuck it back in and stir it. This requires a little co-ordination - un fortunately for Jade this was lacking. It took 10 mins but we got there in the end!
And welcome everybody to peeps-day as it was newly dedicated on Tuesday. From now on Thursday shall be a celebration of peeps as decreed by the drunken birthday Queen - Jade.


Blogger beaky said...

Peeps day was great. i have no idea why she said thursday should be peeps day... it was tuesday at the time afterall!!! silly girl haha.

want me to show you how to put links on this thing?
bum x

11:25 AM


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