Monday, January 31, 2005

Who invented bloddy detox????

OK, this is my third day of detox. ON saturday i had to serve fry ups for 3 hours in the canteen whilst only being able to drink water and fruit juice. Then, joy of joys, i was allowed to add fruit on sunday. Great could eat again but if i see another grape or banana im gonna kill somebody gruesomely with a sharpened mango. And today i was allowed raw vegetables. mmmmm. Cucumber and lettuce effectively, and half an onion in the salad which i still cant get off my breath. Oh well not like im gettng any anyway. lol. But tomorrow should be fun coz im allowed brown rice and cooked veg. Fantastic - stirfry it is then!!!!!! Ill tell u how it goes if i can stomach any of it - i cant wait for some real meat again. mmmmmmm ..... steak.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


Hey!!! One of my friends in my boading house was 18 on Tuesday. The mission to get her hammered. Mission was successful with hilarious consequences. We had her saying she didnt like tequila (what a wierdo) then the next thing we know shes gone all funny coz shes had 4 of them!!!!!! This was shortly followed by the attempt to prepare a shot of absynth. For thos of you that dont know, you dip a spoon of brown sugar into the shot of absynth, set fire to the spoon and let the sugar caramelise, then you chuck it back in and stir it. This requires a little co-ordination - un fortunately for Jade this was lacking. It took 10 mins but we got there in the end!
And welcome everybody to peeps-day as it was newly dedicated on Tuesday. From now on Thursday shall be a celebration of peeps as decreed by the drunken birthday Queen - Jade.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I believe that my fart will go on

Didnt know what to write, so i thought i might express m jubilation at the fact that the canteen food was good for once. My baby is due soon - and its gonna talk like Apu from the Simpsons. lol. Well thats me out of ideas. Fantastic or what? If u have any better ones post a comment or some shit. Love u all!!! xxx